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Lab News



  • Jason is leaving us after two semesters of hard work in the lab. The lab wishes him the best in his pursuit of a medical career (04/18) 


  • Thanks to JEB and the organizing committee for the opportunity to present our work at a fantastic meeting in Greece. (03/18) 

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  • Hats off to Ashley Hayden, junior in Honors Biology and UScholar, who was selected as one of four TAMU nominees to compete nationally for the Astronaut Fellowship! (02/18) 

  • And Sam Iiams did it again, this time winning not one but two prices at the 2018 TAMU Genetics Recruiting Symposium: one for 2nd best talk and one for the People's choice talk. (02/18)

Sam with Awards


  • Congrats to Sam for taking home a prize for best poster in the junior graduate student category at the Biology SPRC conference. (09/17)

Sam with Department Head Award
  • Jason Park, a new undergraduate research assistant is our last addition to the lab. Welcome, Jason! (08/17)

  • The lab welcomes Guijun Wan, a postdoctoral fellow from Nanjing Agricultural University, China, who is joining us as a visiting scholar! (08/17)

  • Ying Zhang's paper on mechanisms of repression by vertebrate-like CRYPTOCROME 2 in monarchs just came out in PNAS. Many congrats Ying! (08/17)

  • Awesome news! The lab received funding on an NIH R01 NIGMS to work on mechanisms of circadian repression in collaboration with the lab of Paul Hardin. Some great monarch/drosophila comparative fun ahead! (08/17)

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  • Christine has been selected as a 2017 recipient of the Klingenstein-Simons Fellowship Award in the Neurosciences. (07/17)

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  • Ashley Hayden and Catherine Bogdan, two new undergraduate research assistants join the lab! (06/17)

  • Congratulations to Sarah Kenny and Kendall Bowen , two undergraduates in the lab, for winning a poster prize at our departmental Biology Graduation Reception! Well done, and best wishes to Sarah who is graduating with flying colors and heading to Med School at UT San Antonio! (05/17)


  • Congratulations to Alaina Beauchamp who graduates this semester!  (12/16) 

  • Aldrin Lugena starts in the lab as a graduate student. (12/16) 

  • The lab welcomes Aldrin Lugena, a new Research Assistant. (02/16) 


  • Samantha Iiams received the Outstanding Performance in Teaching Award from the Genetics Program. Well done, Sam! (02/16) 

  • The lab welcomes Samantha Iiams, a first year graduate student from the Genetics program (01/16) 


  • Congratulations to Shayna Groves who graduated with a B.S in Biology in December (12/15). The lab wishes her the best in Missouri!

  • Kendall Bowen and Katelyn Turlington, two sophomore majoring in Genetics and Biology, respectively, join the lab in September. (9/15) 

  • Sarah Kenny, a sophomore biology major joins the lab! (8/15) 

  • Congratulations to Justin Vann who will join the Biomedical Sciences MS program at Texas A&M! (8/15) 

  • Congratulations to Candice Medina for her acceptance in graduate school at Texas A&M! (7/15) 

  • Best wishes to Tarika Khaladkar and Melanie Goodman who leave the lab after greatly contributing to the maintenance of our mutant colonies.

  • Candice Medina joins the lab to get research experience. (2/15) 

  • The lab is welcoming a Postdoctoral Research Associate, Ying Zhang. (1/15) 


  • Thrilling news...We just heard from the NSF that the lab will be funded to study circadian control of seasonal migration! (12/14)


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  • Melanie Goodman, junior in biology, joins the lab to get research experience. (9/14)


  • Welcome to Justin Vann and Tarika Khaladkar, two undergraduate students that will help with our colony maintenance. (5/14)


  • Shayna Groves, sophomore in biology, joins the lab to work on transgenic approaches with Matt Markert. (4/14)


  • Good news. We have been invited to submit a full proposal to the NSF! (2/14)


  • The Merlin lab is highlighted by the TAMU times. (11/13)


  • The lab is welcoming its first rotation students, Matthew Markert and Kerri Smith. (10/13)Sierra Popp joins the lab as a research technician. (10/13)


  • Welcome to our first recruit, Emily McKnight, junior in Biology! (8/13) 

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