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Our mission: Engaging the public in monarch conservation efforts in Brazos County, TX 

As part of funded projects by the NSF (IOS-1456985) and in collaboration with Dr. Craig Wilson, a Science educator at Texas A&M and long-term monarch enthusiast, the Merlin lab is engaged in outreach activities involving elementary school childrens who contribute to the restoration of the monarch habitat as well as tagging programs to monitor the wild populations.  


December, 24th 2015: Mayor Berry of College Station, TX, signs the ‘The Mayor’s Monarch Pledge’!

October, 27th 2015: 85 Mary Branch 5th graders visited Dr. Wilson USDA’s Garden. During this full educational day, they caught and tagged migratory monarchs.


October, 13th 2015: Elementary grade schoolers from Johnston Elementary, Hendersen Elementary and Mary Branch Elementary, in Bryan, TX, learning about butterfly biology, monarch migration and planting milkweed.

Christineshowing monarch to students
students planting milkweed

August 2015: Dr. Christine Merlin consults the content of a book that focuses on monarch and its iconic migration in a serie of books on bioindicators targeting 3rd to 6th graders (Red Line Amiral.

Book Cover with monarch
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